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Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Take Action with WWF-Malaysia’s Online Efforts

 Following WWF's fiftieth anniversary in April 2011, WWF-Malaysia urges Malaysians to help conserve our living planet by pledging to "Live Green" towards more sustainable lifestyles. From Earth Hour 2011 until Earth Hour 2012, WWF-Malaysia is urging everyone across the nation to take Earth Hour beyond the hour by signing up and pledging to "Live Green: One switch at a time". Each month, a simple action towards a more sustainable lifestyle will be highlighted. It is easy to "Live Green" and the more people who make this pledge, the more powerful our efforts to protect our living planet become.
this video shows how human and animals can live together,eventhough the animal is a BEAST...
Can you imagine IF all of us treat the animals same as theirs?????
Do you ever think about that my friend???

Thursday, 5 January 2012

are they still exist????

yes!!but in a small amount...
what we must do to avoid it from extinct???how???how???
didn't you see..these animals are so cutee...